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Unfolding Protons - A blog about Ethereum, blockchains and code chivalry

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About this blog

Hi to you! My name is Vincent Kobel, I’m a developer & security engineer currently working in Switzerland. Most of my passion right now is focused towards blockchain technologies and peer-to-peer networks like:

Ethereum, a decentralized platform and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin allowing “smart contracts” to run on the blockchain. Think of them as small programs where their execution is validated by all the nodes composing the network.

Counterparty, implements the same functionality as Ethereum on top of the Bitcoin network.

IPFS, a peer-to-peer network created to form a distributed file system, based on content itself rather than a location, a hash instead of a URL.

If you were wondering about this blog’s name “Unfolding Protons”, it’s a reference to the awesome sci-fi novel The Three-Body Problem by Chinese author Liu Cixin.

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